PARTITION is Structure of the aluminum sectors connect together to divide the places to multiple rooms, to make a private sections .

Building a partition or non-load-bearing wall These are also called stud walls. The easiest way to build a partition wall is to make a timber frame and put board on the face.
Internal timber door frames, can be bought in kit form from the builders merchants. The liners can be assembled to fit standard door widths.
Cables for switches and sockets can be “built in” to the wall void by drilling the correct sized hole through the studs and noggins. Special board switch and socket boxes can be used. Insulation can also be packed into the void to a) keep heat in a room and b) to dull any sound. This is particularly useful if you are partitioning off for a bathroom. Insulation must not be placed around cables.

It can be fixed up through the ceiling into the ceiling joists
or can be with different height . Also the semi separator and get benefit from the central air condition in more than one room. the partition must be installed on 90 degrees to the wall.

The partition structure :
a- Can be structure of aluminum & glass .
b. Can be structure of aluminum & wooden boards .
c- Can be structure of aluminum & glass & wooden boards.
d. Can include doors & Venetian blinds.