What is fire doors testing is
Test standards are designed to evaluate the ‘fire resisting’ capabilities of door sets. Tests are conducted by ‘Approved’ bodies whose Test Reports and Assessments formally confirm the integrity of a fire door (e.g. FD30 , FD60 , FD90 and FD120 ).

why Riadco fire doors
We are global assessment relating to Halspan to manufacture frames & doors  30 , 60, 90 , 120 optima &  Prima, fire resisting doorsets.  Halspan Ltd. summarized in Riadco manuals and literature to aid customers making doors from Halspan. The assessment uses established extrapolation and interpretation techniques in order to extend the scope of application by determining the limits for the design based on the tested constructions and performances obtained. The assessment is an evaluation of the potential fire resistance performance.

Our doors test accordance: 
30 Min.,  60 min, 90 min, 120 min test with BS 476: Part 22: 1987 , BM TRADA and IFC Certification provide such schemes for fire doors.

General Description of Construction
The construction for door leaves of this design comprises a solid sheet thickness referring to rated minutes &  Halspan three layered particleboard nominal dens.  Leaves are lipped with hardwood.

Leaf Sizes
The approval for increased leaf dimensions is based on the tests listed and takes into account the margin of over performance above 30 , 60 , 90 , 120 minutes integrity for the design and the characteristics exhibited during test. Data sheets specifying the maximum approved leaf sizes and graphs showing the permitted gradient between maximum height and width are contained in every thickness.