BJ123 Chair

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Product Description

  • BJ123 Chair

  • The structure of the base, back made of the layers of wood (Electromagnetic waves) integrated with sections of pipes to increase the durability and is installed on both the back and base

  • upholstery injected foam into the diaphragms of a uniform density of non-landing and rapid frequency .

  • The base and the back made of the wood counter layers of thickness 18 mm, has been the formations to add a cosmetic shape of the chair

  • painting was with high-quality paint polystyrene and polyurethane.

  • Wooden frame for classic & rich chair style
  • The base is due to its initial position after sitting on it, by means of noises, without making noise.

  • The chair was upholstery  with imported fabric from the outside of sound absorbent material and conforming to European specifications.

  • upholstery arms for elegant look , chair no in back.
  • To maintain the chair the back or the seat can be easily replaced in the event of any damage without prejudice the chairs.

  • metal base electrostatic painting

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Dk Green, Black, Brown, White, Havan


Dk Green, Black, Brown, White, Red, orange, Grey


Dk Green, Black, Brown, White, Red, orange, Grey